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There are 14.1 million* disabled people in the UK

  • 8% of children are disabled
  • 19% of working age adults are disabled
  • 46% of pension age adults are disabled

However, according to a WebAIM accessibility report, 97.8% of home pages had automatically detectable Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 AA failures.

We can help you identify where your website and organisational systems do not meet requirements and help you put a plan in place to fix them.

We use a range of tools such as WAVE, Tenon, aXe, and Lynx to identify areas that need improvement, but more importantly, our testing team includes testers who use assistive technologies on a daily basis.  This allows us to give detailed insights into how the software performs and what areas could be improved - things software tools will never pick up.

(* SCOPE disability facts and figures)

Defining your personas and user journeys

We work with you to identify what groups of users will be using your software and services.  Identifying key user journeys through your software allows us to define the scope of the accessibility test and make sure you are covering all the functionality you need.

WCAG 2.1 compliance check

We use testing tools to carry out a compliance check of all or parts of your systems.  Based on the personas and user journeys, we test end-to-end processes, rather than just static web pages.  We will document any issues and give you suggestions about how you can fix them

Real testing with real users

Automated testing and test tools can only tell you so much, so it's important to get feedback from real users who use assistive technologies.

Taking action to improve your software

We work with you to improve the accessibility of your site and to implement any recommendations we have made

Helping you embed automated accessibility testing

If you have your own development team and process, we can work with you to help you embed accessibility as part of your standard development and release cycles.

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